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That’s why I’m no good at the Nintendo or the Wii, but I do like the Sims.  Got most of them and the expansion packs, but like I said, I don’t play them how they’re supposed to be played.  I use them to build and create instead :D   I’m also a member of TSR.  That’s a never ending source of member-made CC (or custom content to the non-initiated ;) ) and overall cheaper than buying the stuff in the online shop of The Sims itself ;)

It’s only since I have the Sims3 I know of the existence of TSR – also because I was so used to all the additional stuff of the Sims2 that I asked around online.  A Facebook friend (yes, the network works ;) ) pointed me to the custom sites and the rest is history…

Now I’m starting to learn to create my own custom content – I’ve already mastered patterns and paintings, but meshing is still beyond me.  I should start on those tutorials for real one of these days :P   Today I submitted the latest – a so-called child’s painting of Knijn.  It always takes some time before it actually appears on the site, but I’m going to give you guys a sneak preview ;)   In the game you can even change the frames, to suit it to the room of your house.
Knijn and carrot

I learned a new word today: Favicon.  Wiki tells you all about it.  In short, it’s just a “Look at me, I’m your favourite website!” thingie that appears in front of the url in the web adress bar.  Of course I had to have one.

But what?  It being only 16 by 16 pixels, you can’t expect to put part of the Sistine Chapel on it :P   So I opted for my old time favourite, the little rabbit I’ve been drawing everywhere since I was a (very small) kid.  Yep, I was a tagger avant la lettre :D   Can’t see it properly you say?  Well, here it is, ten times bigger.  So when you see ‘Knijn’ popping up, you know I’m around too ;)


Meet Knijn, our official favicon for the site! Hasn't changed in 45 years, wish I could say the same :D