It’s December already! How time flies when you’re having fun – or not even. I thought of putting up an advent calendar, with something to come back to every day, mostly for myself. Ha! Yesterday zoomed by and I didn’t even make the starting line. Tsss… So I need to find two things for today. But what?

The last days I’ve kept busy with Bebo and learned how to make a skin. I’ve got a pretty thick skin already, but this is one with a tiger on top :lol: I’m trying to make a forum (didn’t have that yet on the net) but need to learn phpBB for that – not easy, so it’s a lot of hit and miss. I’m certainly not satisfied with it yet :P

And all the while my net connection is playing up. Especially the girls are not happy with it, as it plays havoc with their social life (aka msn and netlog ;) ), so I’m off to have a stern talk with the guys of Telenet. They keep fobbing me off with a computer voice (I hate computer voices!!) or otherwise they say it’s my router. It is not. I updated the firmware, so it should be running like the wind. Instead of that I get a cranky old firefly that keeps blinking on and off :evil:

Something needs to be done. Now where is that whip?