Alright, here we go, something more about myself…

What is there to tell though? I’m a woman. I will have to admit to myself I can’t be classed as a ‘girl’ anymore now I passed the half-century this year. Pleh. Loads of companies/institutions/whatever like to rub it in too. I get invited to health checks, social clubs for the ‘older person who likes to keep young’ – mediors they start calling it too :roll: – I even get ‘appropriate’ junkmail too, about stairlifts, walkers, will-making, funeral arrangements,… ENOUGH ALREADY!!

Luckily I have my two daughters, still teenagers – although I never liked teenagers, not even when I was one myself :P – who keep telling me I still look good for my age – haha. Major bonus point is that even their friends think I’m cool. Example – one day youngest gets a phonecall in the early evening. One of the friends of the girls, totally stressed out: “I’ve run away from home. Can I come and stay with you? At least your mum doesn’t nag like mine.” Frantic signing from youngest that it seems serious, so I take over, listen and order her to come straight over. She’s there within 5 minutes with a little holdall. Meanwhile I contact the parents (yaay for friendship books with loads of info) to reassure them. I was on the phone with mum for over half an hour, mostly listening and making soothing noises. Result: kid went back home after a few hours of peptalk, being listened too and the generic medicine of a few cups of very sweet tea (now that’s something I learned from my decade in the UK, tea heals a lot of hurt, truly!). Another one that didn’t end up on a poster. Btw – afterwards my two little monsters told me I shouldn’t get too bigheaded as in their eyes I could sometimes nag their ears straight off their heads :lol:

We’re a females-only household. The pets are all female too. Although we’re not entirely sure about the turtles. They sometimes display weird, frantic behaviour.

What I can’t call myself is a domestic goddess. I like to cook, but I hate most of all the other household chores, much to youngest total exasperation sometimes, although she never tries to do something about it *looks at single sock in the middle of the living room floor, empty chocolate milk cup on the coffee table, empty sweet wrapper underneath it*. Her comments? “Hey, you’re home the whole day, we’re at school working our bleeps off!” I call her my token husband, luckily without the snoring *sniggers* Once in a while I get a sudden burst of energy. At least the satisfaction is that much bigger when the change is that much more obvious.

What more is there to know? I like photography, gardening and learning new stuff. I started teaching myself html from the net 12 years or so ago, to create a homepage/website as a therapy while going through a messy divorce, that was before the word blog was invented even :D and I’m still learning new things every day. I can install a network, program a dvd recorder, build an Ikea flatpack chair in 9 minutes flat (and that’s reading the manual and counting the screws included) and knit a sweater without a pattern – only need the kid to fit it once in a while to keep the arms from getting too long. The only thing I sometimes miss is an incentive to start doing things. I’m born lazy and prefer bobbing along, really.

I think that’s more than enough for now. Read the blog for more juicy bits. Or otherwise ask. I like to talk, but you already noticed that, didn’t you?

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