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recycling is my dada

Recycling is the word...

Found a load of old christmas tags for presents. As we’re still suffering from the paperbug, I saw how I could recycle them (and ‘prettify’ them in the process) for this year’s presents. Christmas family dinner will be at our place this year, so I need to get ready ;)
This paper malarky is quite good fun – friends and family will not get a store bought card in the near future, I think. Also a good reason to justify my hamster tendencies and keep all ‘interesting’ scraps of any material trailing around in the house. Now I only need to make a space in my room to store it all, as the kids are starting to grumble about my take-over of the family dining room table :D

I learned a new word today: Favicon.  Wiki tells you all about it.  In short, it’s just a “Look at me, I’m your favourite website!” thingie that appears in front of the url in the web adress bar.  Of course I had to have one.

But what?  It being only 16 by 16 pixels, you can’t expect to put part of the Sistine Chapel on it :P   So I opted for my old time favourite, the little rabbit I’ve been drawing everywhere since I was a (very small) kid.  Yep, I was a tagger avant la lettre :D   Can’t see it properly you say?  Well, here it is, ten times bigger.  So when you see ‘Knijn’ popping up, you know I’m around too ;)


Meet Knijn, our official favicon for the site! Hasn't changed in 45 years, wish I could say the same :D