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It was a rather cloudy day, so no garden pictures. Nothing much to do either. I could hardly give you another one of my food pics (although today’s chicken tajin with carrots and mushrooms was simply delicious ;) ) so we go with one of Oki’s food pics today :D

Never realised she’s that dusty!

A video of her snoring is uploading on youtube – I really have to take lessons on how to edit vids – even with the program included with the pc (Windows Movie Maker) I can’t seem to be able to bring it under 100Mb. Funny thing is, the unedited version is 2 minutes and 200 Mb, the edited one is 1min 30 sec but 300 Mb – weird or what? So as 1Mb of video takes about 1 to 5 minutes to upload – according to Youtube – I went with the unedited one. It will take a few hours then before you can enjoy her song :?

Happy pig

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Maybe it’s unusual, but I added Nelleke, the happy pig from the Kinderboerderij Mikerf to the pool of the recently started Passionately Pink for the Cure Flickr group.
This in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness, as told in their blog. Contrary to what they say there though, you can now upload as many pink pictures as you like. In only a few days there are already 3130 members and 10696 pictures in the group and they’re adding on and on by the second :) So, what’s easier to donate to charity than adding your pretty pink pictures to the group pool?
Go find your pink pics and join us!