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Beware, some maths is involved ;)

I have had enquiries on how to make the never-ending card, so I cobbled a kind of tutorial together.  To make it easy for everyone to understand – as there are people who use centimeters and some use inches – I’ll show you the pictures with dimensions.  I’ll add lengths in cm for clarification (when you type ‘convert cm to inches’ in Google, they should give you a very detailed conversion, just round off I would say ;) )

The things you need to get the basic never-ending card is a square card or twice a square piece of cardstock, a cutting knife, a ruler, some double-sided sticky tape and some patience.

Here’s the card with all the dimensions:

A=2B; B=2C+D

It looks complicated, but it isn't, really

Impressive, no? ;)
The maths goes like this:
A = B+B
B = C+D+C

Now for starters, you need to cut your card in half so you have 2 squares (or start with 2 pieces of square cardstock). The length of the sides of your square = A (in my example 12 cm). Cut each square in half lengthwise, so you have 4 rectangles, measuring A by B (my example 12 cm by 6 cm).

Each rectangle now needs 2 cuts (D) which will make for easy folding. Turn each piece sideways and measure half of the width off left and right , top and bottom.

A = 1/2 B + B + 1/2 B

So your length of your card is divided:

½ B (3cm) + B (6cm) + ½ B (3cm) = A (12 cm)

Now draw lines so your single piece of card is divided in three: 2 small rectangles each side and a square in the middle.
Those lines you need to measure off again.
C + D + C
where C for me was 1cm and D 4cm, those who measure in inches can make C about half an inch, just make sure the card won’t rip, as now you need to make an incision over the length of D. Just scoring won’t do, as we have to fold back and forth. C will act as a hinge.

Do this for all 4 pieces of card.

Take two of the prepared card pieces and lay them next to each other like shown , put a square of double sided sticky tape where the pink dots are.

bottom cards

Bottom cards with sticky tape

Take the other two bits of card and place them like shown and stick them on the other two cards.

top cards

put on top so open ends cross

Believe it or not, your card is finished (bar the decorating ;) )

Let me show you with cats, how they fold then – front:



and back :



Inside :

inside 1


Inside 2

Inside 2

So, all in all, there’s only 8 cats, but you can fold it whichever way, so different cats come together – as you can see in one of the former posts

I hope the ‘algebra’ didn’t throw you – otherwise, just yell and I’ll see if I can explain differently :D

never ending card

just the card for a crazy cat lady ;)

Yep, this is just one card! I saw this kind of card a while ago on a ‘hobby expo’ and wanted them too to decorate, but not a single shop had heard about it. In the end I had to opt for making them myself. Via, via I found out how. It’s quite easy actually, just extremely labour intensive :P But when it’s finished it’s quite fun folding, folding and folding again. The only problem now is finding enough ideas to decorate them :D


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Yesterday I had a ‘blah’ day and didn’t post a pic – so I got a worried txt this morning from the girls. When they were re-assured I just had a little ‘dip’, missed them something awful and couldn’t sleep as I was missing their nightly noises but would be there on Saturday morning, bright and bushy-tailed, they were quick to ask for the latest ‘Joepie’ (a teenmagazine that already existed when I was young – now that is a long time ago – not that I bought it, I rather went to the library for ‘proper’ books – I know, I’m a geek and proud of it :P ). So here is proof I went and bought it and – oh joy – no Tokio Hotel on the cover this time!

Today it has been hot, hot, hot. I really should cut the grass, but I rather not scorch to a crisp. If the mower doesn’t get through it, I always still have the strimmer to do it next week :P

You know what? I can always squeeze a pic of Oki in from yesterday as #14 – I caught her red-pawed when she was on the table checking out Rooz who came out for a nibble.


So, after almost 24 hours loading etc., here’s Oki’s first appearance on Youtube:


I do apologise for the wobbles and strange non-cat noises (especially et the end :D ) but as I said before, editing it – even taking 30 seconds off – increased the size with 100 Mb from the original 200 to 300 Mb * Anyone knowing a good program – or how I could make better use of Windows Movie Maker – feel free to suggest so :)

* even the shock icon has given up it seems – let’s try that again 80 8-0 :shock: – meh… now one of them seem to work, typical…

btw – anyone trying to figure out the background noise? It was a Classic Disney Cartoon – Micky, Donald and Goofy Building a Boat – just before the news at 8 :D


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It was a rather cloudy day, so no garden pictures. Nothing much to do either. I could hardly give you another one of my food pics (although today’s chicken tajin with carrots and mushrooms was simply delicious ;) ) so we go with one of Oki’s food pics today :D

Never realised she’s that dusty!

A video of her snoring is uploading on youtube – I really have to take lessons on how to edit vids – even with the program included with the pc (Windows Movie Maker) I can’t seem to be able to bring it under 100Mb. Funny thing is, the unedited version is 2 minutes and 200 Mb, the edited one is 1min 30 sec but 300 Mb – weird or what? So as 1Mb of video takes about 1 to 5 minutes to upload – according to Youtube – I went with the unedited one. It will take a few hours then before you can enjoy her song :?

08-Triptych – Peace

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Nothing much happened today. There was a terrible storm yesterday – or well very early this morning, we didn’t get to bed till 2, so we’re having a lazy day today :P

It’s very weird to see lightning everywhere and every few seconds but not hear any thunder. It was raining like they were preparing for the next flood and then suddenly the rain stopped, the lightning lessened but then the thunder started crashing just above our heads – the windows and doors were literally rattling!

It was worse further east of us, looks like we escaped the wind that ripped out trees and ended scouts camps all over the place…

What’s a birthday party without a sleepover?

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Since we’ve got the new sofa, the kids always want it in the extended version – which means they grab all the space! Oki is lucky, she got a sheepskin basket for her birthday (first of October) and yes, some more goodies on the 4th for St Francis too :)

I told the kids they’re not allowed to lift her out of there, so she has at least one place she can call her safe spot :D

I must admit, it is rather cosy, all four of us, huddled under spare quilts and duvets (during the daytime they go inside the sofa – handy!) watching tv – although they have to be careful when drinking or eating, as I said I would personally chew the face off of anyone who made the first stain on the new sofa – it has to stay pristine – at least until Christmas! :D

Although, sometimes the fun can get too far – or they crowd into each other’s private space and then you get faces like this:
Moan, moan, grumble,...

Ah, and tomorrow youngest is officially a teenager too – wooh – I can’t wait for the fun and tantrums (not!) ;)