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The blog that is ;)   It has been a few stressful days, but I finally managed it – moved my blog from the WordPress.com site to my own zelck.org one.  Now we need to put all the trimmings around.  That will take several more weeks I bet :D

But we’ll get there, no worries!  See you ’round!

Or so they say :P

I’ve been busy playing around, creating a new blog, one I will be sharing with a good friend, what do I say, almost family :D

But as we both want to be sure everything is to both our liking – and as she’s in the US and I’m in Europe we have to coordinate time zones to find some overlapping – usually when she’s having breakfast, I’m already thinking about dinner, or when she’s ready to go to bed, I’m just drinking my first cup of coffee :D

So you guys and girls will have to wait a while to see what we’ve come up with – probably somewhere beginning next year ;)