06-one down, many to go

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Today was less interesting. Whenever the kids are gone for a bit, I try to sort out the house. Today I finished ‘het kot’ – what do you call that in english, the utility room, the pantry, the rubbish tip? As you can see, you could also call it the cupboard under the stairs :D

It was a rubbish tip before I started, that’s for sure – that’s also why there are no pics of the before stage ;)

I made an extra rack for all my gadgets (electric grill, waffle iron, ice cream maker, popcorn machine, toaster, gourmet set, curlers – last ones never used yet – tool box, left over cables from the pc, even potatoes and onions), hung a rack for the brooms and hoover trunks, screwed hooks for all the shopping bags we need (shops don’t provide free bags anymore here, you have to bring your own, which is a good thing, really), sorted the tins and all the odds and ends but now I have no space for my 2 recycle boxes for glass and plastic, they will have to go in the garage after all.

It looks good, even if I say so myself :P

But now I’m pooped. I need a long, hot bath, preferably with a Lush bubble bath bar :D

btw – there’s finally a Lush shop in Belgium – in Antwerpen, at the corner of the Keyserlei, so woohooh! :D