02-Cows and clouds

Originally uploaded by Reinhilde.

Yesterday the weather was foul – according to the weather people it was the coldest (bar one) National Holiday in 100 years. Today it seems the clouds are finally dispersing. The cows I always pass on my daily shopping trip seem to be content too, chewing the cud in the shadow of one of the few trees in their meadow.

Behind me there’s an enormous villa* – newly built – and the people are moving in today. Two big vans. They’re luckier than we were. We always seem to have rain when moving… I could have made a pic of that too, but they probably wouldn’t have appreciated it :D

* note for the girls – the one that looks like it’s already old. The modern one next to it is having a load of top soil been spread out in the front – I wonder how they will do their garden.